"Internationally acclaimed performer and recording artist"

Bill Shontz

"Bill is the most talented performer we've ever had"
                    Children and Family Music:
Bill is an internationally acclaimed artist.  The famous Duo, RosenShontz  toured all over the world playing and singing their original and well known favorites.  Bill, singing and playing the woodwinds (Sax, Flute, Clarinet, Pennywhistle, recorders, Didjeri-Du) well you get the picture...  
Green Up                      (environmental school and family shows)
Teddy Bear's Picnic,   (bring your teddy bears)
Family Shows               (fun, family, sing -a longs and more)
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                                    JazzJazz Performer:
Bill has entertained millions of adults who love the standards and well loved favorites from classic musicals and movies. He sings, plays Sax, Flute, Clarinet  and more to rave revues.  
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                        Orchestral Performances:
Bill has written a timely show especially geared to school audiences.  "One Green Earth" is designed to introduce children to the symphony orchestra by letting them hear the sounds of nature as suggested by composers throughout the years.  He combines a slide show with some original compositions  so that kids can sing along right from the start                                                                  click here for more...
Contact:  Bill Shontz
about:email bill@billshontz.com
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                                 Donna Lee:
Bill recently teamed up with Donna Lee, a sterling performer in her own right.     She is best known for her work as "Patsy Cline", and sings many other styles as well.  These shows  highlight their performing career together
"RosenShontz Revival"  (Greatest hits)                     "DUETS"                        (Famous Duets)     
 "Patsy Cline Show"                     (Patsy's Greatest Hits)     
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