Hi Bill! 
I'm pretty sure you wont remember me, but I used to go every year to your concert at the Dennis Play House on Cape Cod. I just wanted to say that even now as an 18 year old, I'm still singing and dancing around the house to your songs. 
Thank you for making my childhood one thats full of happiness and fun.

Take care,


Mr. Shontz:

 I grew up listening to Rosenshontz and attending your concerts in New England. now that I have kids of my own, I have dug out the old albums and am once again getting a thrill out of listening to you and Gary perform. I particularly like the live albums, such as Tickles You!, because hearing the kids shout out brings back many fond memories of the antics that you and Gary would pull on stage.

I looked up Rosenshontz on Wikipedia before finding your web page and was very sorry to read of Gary's passing. Just this morning, I was listening to him play Beethoven's 9th and sing about how if he were a bear, he'd never wear my underwear--and smiling (of course--how could you not smile?) I'm glad that I have him as part of my memories.

I just wanted you to know that when I think of my childhood, one of my fondest memories is of seeing you and Gary perform on stage. I hope perhaps that your schedule might bring you to Pittsburgh at some point so that my sons can have the joy of seeing you perform.


Jesse Shar